Haircut $50

This is a regular mens haircut. Clippers on sides and back, Scissors on top. This is actually a 30-40 minute service.

Full Service- Haircut and Beard Service $100

This is for a regular mens haircut (clippers on sides and back scissors on top) and a full beard service.

Beard Service $50

This is our famous beard service.

Long Scissor Cut $60

This is for long scissor cuts and specialty cuts. Longer mens styles only. (think more Bruce than Cait) No layering, bobs or traditional womens styles. Please select this service if you think you are going to require additional time. Such as those getting annual and semi-annual haircuts. This is a 45-60 minute service

Fuii Long Service- Scissor haircut and Beard $110

Long Scissor cut and Beard Service